Streamlined door-to-door delivery
solutions for enhanced efficiency
and cost savings

Our door-to-door delivery services provide a streamlined logistics solution, allowing customers to simplify operations, cut costs, and mitigate the risks of product loss or damage. With a focus on core business activities, we leverage a robust global network to expedite your supply chain. Shortening the transit time from overseas to your designated destination, SAL ensures swift customs clearance while in transit, enabling delivery by the end of the next business day, thus offering significant time and cost savings for our clients.

In essence, we empower businesses to enhance efficiency and reduce complexities in logistics management, all while ensuring the seamless and expedited delivery of goods from international locations directly to their doorstep.

Features of door to door delivery services.

Shipments of virtually any size or weight In-house licensed customs expertise Integrated service includes carton labeling, freight transportation and package delivery Streamlines processes by eliminating issues with multiple carrier bills Electronic pre-alert system makes arrangements with customs officials in destination countries, allowing most shipments to clear customs before the aircraft lands Port-to-door and door-to-door service from shipper to consignee

SAL's door-to-door delivery streamlines logistics, reducing costs and risks. Leveraging a global network, we expedite supply chains, ensuring swift customs clearance and next-day delivery, empowering businesses with efficiency and simplicity.