Port captain and supercargo services

Royalglobelia specializes in overseeing ship loading/discharging across major ports with dedicated Port Captains/Supercargoes. Our seasoned professionals, experienced worldwide, safeguard client interests, ensuring efficient cargo operations. Their expertise, supported by higher marine education, prevents unforeseen issues and guarantees secure navigation..

Our Port Captains/Supercargoes, functioning as oceangoing masters, offer daily reports and photos, providing real-time insights and advice. This constant supervision ensures proper stowage and safe cargo delivery. Additionally, we offer cost-effective remote reporting, allowing vessels equipped with digital cameras to transmit daily operation photos for swift review through a secure website.

By leveraging our Port Captain/Supercargo services, clients expedite cargo operations, saving or earning funds, while our professionals conduct various marine surveys on board, optimizing time and cost efficiency. This service acts as a crucial link between operations offices, offering instant information access and adaptability during operations. The secure website can be shared with customers for added value.


Stevedoring services

Leveraging robust local connections and extensive cargo handling, Royalglobelia Maritime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. excels in securing cost-effective agreements for clients. We recommend highly reliable and efficient Stevedoring firms in India, backed by strong relationships and substantial cargo expertise.

Our network includes reputable Stevedoring companies equipped with advanced technology for top-notch cargo handling. Additionally, we collaborate with approved survey firms, providing tally and supervision services to prevent claims and disputes.

Ship broking services

We provide comprehensive shipbroking and commercial ship management services, boasting a team of highly qualified, globally-experienced ship brokers. Supported by diligent executives, we ensure flawless post-fixture documentation and follow-up, distinguishing ourselves as premier cargo ship brokers in India.

Our unique shipbroking approach involves near-complete commercial management, acting as an extension of our Principal's office. We handle all aspects, from identifying suitable vessels to meticulous documentation review, ensuring smooth voyage or time charter performance. This hands-on approach allows our Principals to focus on trading activities, and our close relationships enable us to offer the best fixtures and employments for vessels opening in and around India.