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Royalglobelia Maritime Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Royalglobelia Maritime Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading global cargo services provider, excelling in Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding, Project Cargo, Warehousing, and Customs Clearance. Renowned for timeliness, flexibility, and operational excellence, we prioritize client satisfaction and uphold the premier shipping company status in India.

Our trusted reputation, built on a nationwide network, a dedicated team, and strong government ties, is sustained by a focus on technology, training, and a proven track record, ensuring high-quality global logistics solutions and success in diverse markets.

  • img Efficient Transportation
  • imgBest Cost-effectiveness
  • imgRisk Mitigation
  • Fast air freight

    We ensure fast air freight due to our good communications with government authorities & service providers.

    Quickest cargo

    We are renowned for quickest and safest cargo delivery services which ensure us a wide clientele to our credit.

    Ground shipping

    Royalglobelia provides the most reliable and the best rate ground shipping service to its customers.

    Timely delivery

    We guarantee timely delivery of your shipments as we have an extensive logistics & network.

    Meet our leaders

    Capt.Harkumar R Nair

    Director (Procurement), blends 23 years of maritime expertise with strategic leadership, steering the success of Royal Globelia Maritime Solutions Pvt.Ltd
    Capt. Harikumar Nair, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech) from Kerala University, embodies a remarkable journey from engineer to navigating officer in the merchant navy, amassing an illustrious 23-year career at sea in diverse roles. With a decade spent in command at sea, he transitioned to shore-based assignments in 2012.Harikumar Nair’s professional trajectory led him to join LOTS Shipping Ltd as General Manager of Operations before embarking on freelancing assignments as a Port Captain, overseeing the meticulous movement of steel, pipes, bulk, and project cargo across the globe.

    Santhosh Kannambra

    Director , a stalwart in logistics, shapes industry trajectories with over three decades of expertise, co-founding globally recognized Lords Freight and driving financial success in strategic partnerships.
    Santhosh Kannambra is a venerable figure in the logistics industry, boasting over three decades of experience in corporate and senior management roles within the service sector. His expertise spans the domains of Freight Forwarding, Aviation, Shipping, Logistics, Project Management, and Supply Chain Management. Notably, he co-founded Lords Freight (India) Pvt. Ltd, a globally recognised Transportation, Logistics, and Information Management company, with an extensive presence in major cities throughout India and worldwide. In the year 2014, Santhosh forged a successful joint venture with Mahindra Logistics Ltd, a subsidiary of the esteemed Mahindra & Mahindra, where he held a directorship on the board. His contributions and financial acumen have been instrumental in shaping the course of the industry.

    Suresh Nambiar

    Director, a visionary entrepreneur with three decades of expertise, propels Royalglobelia to success through strategic marketing and unwavering optimism.
    Suresh Nambiar, a distinguished innovator and entrepreneur, brings a wealth of experience spanning over three decades in business leadership. His comprehensive understanding of business formation, operations, finance, and management has established him as a seasoned industry figure. As a visionary product developer, he consistently identifies opportunities and effectively communicates and motivates his team to achieve organisational objectives. Suresh Nambiar’s unwavering optimism is a driving force, firmly believing that there are no failures, only valuable feedback. With a rich background in manufacturing and retailing various leather products for nearly three decades, he laid the foundation for Royalglobelia, where his marketing acumen continues to play a pivotal role in the company’s success.

    Renjith Kumar
    General Manager

    25+ years of experience in Logistics Industry with hands on expertise in Freight Forwarding Industry, Aviation, Shipping, Logistics and Project Management
    Renjith’s core-competencies include; Strategy Planning/ New Set-Ups, Marketing/ Business Development, Supply Chain Management, Relationship Management/ Key Account Management, and commercial operations .. Renjith is considered to be a proactive planner with expertise in strategic planning, market plan execution and account management, with skills in P&L management, competitor and market analysis, key account management and financial planning. He has proven competency in liaising with transport companies, C&F Agents, Custom House Agents to obtain smooth movement of consignments. Excellent interpersonal & relationship management skills with diverse external agencies.

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